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Motivational Anti-Matter

Hi my name is Peter, and I have a problem. I’ve been suffering from a lack of motivation. Almost a year and a half ago I quit my job to go indie. My circumstances were not unlike many in the same situation – I had six months in savings and was going to have a [...]

The Psychology of Why We Fail to Fail [Updated]

Update: The incredbile Amaze Festival in joburg gave me a chance to revisit this talk and throw all of my new discoveries since last time I presented at a local Make Games SA community gathering. It was fantastic to see a legitimate celebration of games happening on African soil! This talk investigates the premise that [...]

How Programming Changed My Life

I will never forget sitting in that bar, wondering if my future colleagues would smell the fact I’d only just endured a 15 hour cross country trek in my old VW golf without aircon. For them it was just an excuse to kick back with end-of-the-month friday drinks. For me it was the first drink [...]

Oh god, it’s still a blog!

It’s a common story on the internet, you know, someone with delusions of grandeur decides to write a blog. A first it starts off great and the creator is full of self-indulgent confidence: “Wow, It’s going to be amazingly awesome! Everyone will love me!” But then after a couple of weeks the author runs out [...]

Oh God! It’s another blog…

“Meet Peter, He’s an internet guru who likes cheese.” What? I’m a guru? Well it’s written there so it must be true! Okay so maybe that’s an exaggeration on my part, I mean I only sometimes like cheese. Nevertheless it’s with great honour that I welcome you to my new blog! (Please wipe your feet [...]