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Anything relating to the actionscript language using in Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex/Flash Builder.

So, can I get your Number? (all about numbers in AS3)

It doesn’t really get more basic than Numbers. Everybody can count. I’m sure your first program probably involved feeding numbers into the computer in some way (after the obligatory “Hello World” experience of course). So why a post about Numbers? Well before I insult your intelligence further, it’s important to know that in the computer’s [...]

Is it Flash and Papervision? Is it Unity3d? No, its both!

So this blog has been in a near comatose state for most of the year, simply put, I’ve been busy. Like crazy forget-to-put-on-underwear-when-you-leave-the-house busy. On the up side I can say that a year ago I was a junior dev at starting out at Hello Computer, and now I’m the lead developer on a project [...]

Welcome to class! (A guide to writing classes for AS3 – Part I)

In this article we’re going to be taking your first tentative steps into the world of a developer (don’t worry, developing a chronic addiction to caffeine is optional). For the uninitiated it can be a scary place full of classes, objects and lots of other mind melting concepts. You wouldn’t be the first if you [...]

Simple XML Loader Class

I’d like to present this here blog’s first piece of code: a simple helper class for loading XML into Actionscript 3.0. Its main purpose is to deal with drudgery of importing XML files into your Flash Projects, which happens in even my most basic projects these days. The class handles all the admin of error [...]