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The Misadventures of Unity and PureData (libpd)

Over the last few days I’ve been bashing my head against the wall trying to get libpd working with Unity. This is going to be a super technical post relevant to very few people, but if you end up hitting these problems hopefully this will save you a few hours of brain smushing frustration. For [...]

Motivational Anti-Matter

Hi my name is Peter, and I have a problem. I’ve been suffering from a lack of motivation. Almost a year and a half ago I quit my job to go indie. My circumstances were not unlike many in the same situation – I had six months in savings and was going to have a [...]

The Psychology of Why We Fail to Fail [Updated]

Update: The incredbile Amaze Festival in joburg gave me a chance to revisit this talk and throw all of my new discoveries since last time I presented at a local Make Games SA community gathering. It was fantastic to see a legitimate celebration of games happening on African soil! This talk investigates the premise that [...]

How Programming Changed My Life

I will never forget sitting in that bar, wondering if my future colleagues would smell the fact I’d only just endured a 15 hour cross country trek in my old VW golf without aircon. For them it was just an excuse to kick back with end-of-the-month friday drinks. For me it was the first drink [...]

Toward the Light – 7dfps entry

A while ago I participated in the 7dfps challenge to build a first person shooter in 7 days. Starting a day late probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but I’m still very happy with the way things turned out. I’ve always been put off by the cheesy horror in slasher flicks, and believe the art of [...]

Launching Corona from Sublime Text 2 [Windows]

So recently I embarked on a new adventure using Lua, Corona and Sublime Text 2 all for the first time. Out the bunch my favourite so far has to be Sublime Text 2, which is all the rage these days. I find it’s approach to simple no fuss extensibility especially awesome, even if I’m still [...]

Simple Finite State Machine – Unity3d (C#)

UPDATE: The original state machine implementation has been radically reworked, and is now (in my opinion) one of the cleanest and most easy-to-use state machine in existence for unity. In a perfect world I’d find time to write a blog post detailing it’s benefits, but in the mean time you can get a comprehensive overview [...]