The Psychology of Why We Fail to Fail [Updated]

Update: The incredbile Amaze Festival in joburg gave me a chance to revisit this talk and throw all of my new discoveries since last time I presented at a local Make Games SA community gathering. It was fantastic to see a legitimate celebration of games happening on African soil!

This talk investigates the premise that failure is an essential ingredient in the journey to becoming successful – and yet our brains are loaded with a treacherous arsenal designed to sabotage this process in it’s desperate attempt to avoid failure at all costs.

The talk tries to arrive at an understanding of why traits like perfectionism and procrastination spiral out of control, especially when the stakes are highest and we are working on our passions and reaching for our dreams. It then suggests strategies we might use to overcome this creative paralysis.

The focus is naturally on creating games, but will be relevant to anyone who struggles with creative endeavours.

Some of the inspirations mentioned in the talk:

Ira Glass on Creativity:

John Cleese on Creativity:

James Murphy, on being a failure:

Dan Pink on Motivation:

Brene Brown on Shame