Oh God! It’s another blog…

“Meet Peter, He’s an internet guru who likes cheese.” What? I’m a guru? Well it’s written there so it must be true! Okay so maybe that’s an exaggeration on my part, I mean I only sometimes like cheese. Nevertheless it’s with great honour that I welcome you to my new blog! (Please wipe your feet before entering).

So what’s this blog all about then? Well, it all started far, far away in a distant land (called South Africa). It was on one particularly dark and stormy night, well perhaps mildly breezy, when a most fortunate event transpired. For you see Peter was at the time in the employ of a post-production studio who decided they really ought to have a grand website. They hunted wide and low to find a master smith to create one for them. The smith toiled away and a site was born, but an ugly duckling it was indeed. Peter took one look and said: “dudes, I could totally do better” to which his masters responded: “well then why don’t you?”

And so it wasn’t long before I discovered that the slices tool I’d once messed around with in Photoshop was not the path to web enlightenment. And thus began my own funtastic web adventure. Since then I’ve come along way and learnt many things from the great university ‘o Google. As anybody who’s tried can relate, cracking the mysteries of code can be a rough ride. I remember being completely baffled as to a why my voodoo ceremony didn’t get a flash mail form to work (I now know I needed to offer the mail server more oil sacrificed from the hearts of young computers).

So I thought I’d share some of the things I learnt along the way. The things no one was around to gently explain, and then beat me with a stick when I got it wrong. Also seeing as the learning experiences are relatively fresh I my mind, I hope they’ll offer a different perspective from when the ‘real’ gurus do it. (Anybody else think jedi would be a way cooler word than guru?). Once you get the hang of it, and your code dances like a monkey it’s kinda pretty awesome… well I mean who doesn’t like dancing monkeys?

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  • Marisa

    hehe awesome i love it Peter! its funny.

  • Grover

    Hey dude – awesome site. How much you charge he he… How is the production going?

  • Su

    You know …. its a bit wordy but other than that, not bad kid

  • Haydn

    Jedi, clearly.

    I’m glad this has happened. No more “like hell you have a friend with tentacles for arms”, now I can just send them to the website to see for themselves!

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